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We Are Automotive

An eye-catching website is a great first step, but what’s your strategy to drive traffic to that site? Insert DealerFire. Our extremely hands-on approach to digital marketing starts with intuitive, cutting-edge search engine marketing and is enhanced with personalized content development. It takes hard work to be unique in this industry. We’re game...are you?

DealerFire Digital Marketing

Add substance to your style with a DealerFire digital marketing plan. By using a combination of paid search and content marketing, we’ll put solid, first-party leads into your pipeline. Get in front of prospective customers at the right moment with in-depth targeting and a customized message.

Digital Advertising

It’s more than just keywords, it’s an all-encompassing strategy that uses real-time inventory, data layering, market trends and display design to capture consumers at every stage of the buying funnel. From a dedicated account manager to an Adwords-certified SEM specialist, we work closely with you to tailor winning campaigns. And, as a Google Partner, we have access to a progressive Google team that keeps us ahead of the curve with the newest products, innovations and optimization techniques.

Content Marketing

Are car shoppers researching you, or your competition? Content marketing by DealerFire leverages the power of custom blogs and custom landing pages to drive shoppers to your website as a research destination. Every piece of content is custom written by an actual human being, no automation and no duplication. Our strategy helps get you in front of new prospects while also reconnecting with former customers, all while improving the domain authority and health of your website.

Dynamic Inventory Advertising

We’ll use your real-time dealership inventory to create ads that drive consumers from the first page of Google to your inventory with one click. By investing your ad spend in your own brand, you can break free from third-party lead providers that route your monthly fee directly to their own advertising budgets. We’ll also leverage the popularity of your VDPs to re-targeting users dynamically as soon as they leave your site. Amazon does it. Zappos does it. Have you invested in dynamic remarketing yet?

Customized Creative

Forget the templates. You’ve carefully cultivated your brand and your digital advertising partner should invest the same amount of time and interest. With an average turnaround time of 2 hours, our marketing design team is dedicated to creating stunning ads, optimized for all devices.

Transparent Reporting

We don’t skew the numbers. Every digital marketing client is setup with full access to both Google Analytics and Google Adwords to ensure transparency. The DealerFire account team will work with your dealership to determine the KPIs that mean the most to you and create a customized report schedule to meet your needs.