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Creating Connected Customers for Life

Affinitiv’s social and reputation management solutions impact 100% of your customer’s journey from sales to service, by allowing you to target the right person with the right message and control the conversation online by harnessing your most valuable resource…happy customers. Our services make it easy to keep up and engage with customers in ways that help your business grow. Designed at every level to account for the needs of multi­location brands, the Affinitiv approach to social media, review monitoring, analysis, and response makes things simple.


Affinitiv utilizes the largest media network in the world to work for you as 1:1 communication tool - leveraging the same “life cycle moments” for sales and service customers. We find the people where they spend their time – Facebook Media Network. The Affinitiv strategy leverages audience types including, but not limited to:

  • First Party Audiences: helping dealers communicate to customers in their DMS
  • CRM, or other list audience
  • Lookalike, Website, Facebook, and Third-Party audiences


Our reputation management solutions help you maintain positive relationships with your customers through reliable, actionable data on-hand, so you can be sure that they are enjoying everything that a strong online reputation can enable. This includes:

  • Automatic Updates: Keep you informed about what's happening on all the major review sites and for each of your locations or clients.
  • Daily Alerts: Point out where to engage with reviewers online, giving you the chance to respond and support your customers.
  • Full Enterprise level access and reporting. Receive customized reports based on any groups, filters, and user’s access.
  • Unlimited Logins and User Roles: Create unique logins for any level of access: corporate, regional managers, or store managers. Admins can customize each users right's to control who can edit and who can view content in the dashboard. User can also limit access to email alerts and monthly summary reports only.
  • Unlimited Email Alerts: Set up email alerts by group of locations delivering daily actionable information (new reviews, mentions, listings, summary reports) without logging into the dashboard. Alerts can be sent to any/all relevant parties for each location including corporate, regional managers, supervisors, etc.
  • Review Builder: Affinitiv’s Review Builder service controls the conversation online by harnessing your most valuable resource... Happy customers. Encourage shoppers to post their experiences online thereby increasing: reviews, rankings, engagement, and positive brand perception.