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Comprehensive Reporting (Phase 2)

Acura Dealer Digital Program Reporting

An online, comprehensive reporting suite will provide dealers enrolled in any of the Acura Dealer Digital program products with insights into their performance as well as the ability to compare it against other Acura Dealer averages including: National, Zone, & District. The reporting will be available shortly after program launch once we have substantial metrics. Social Media & Reputation Management metrics will be included as part of Phase 2 with the Acura Dealer Digital Program.

Some of the metrics reported will include:
Site Visits & Visitors
Average Page Views
Traffic Sources
Conversion rate
Lead submissions
Search impressions & clicks
Display impressions & clicks
Cost per acquisition/lead

Future reporting will include key eLead management metrics such as response time, response rate, and close rate all tracked and benchmarked in the online reporting suite. All Acura dealers will have access to their eLead reporting.