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Third Party Lead Program

The Acura Third Party Lead program is a turn-key solution utilizing the most established lead providers to generate more leads at a very competitive price. Many of you are currently taking advantage of these benefits while strategically using the program to complement your existing retail contracts.

Highest Closing Third Party Leads

Acura Third Party Leads have the highest closing ratio among car manufacturers.

Save Money

Our national buying power dramatically drives your lead costs down.

Lead Qualification

Only leads with valid emails and/or phone numbers will be sent to your dealership.


Manage the number of leads your dealership receives by setting a lead radius or a monthly lead cap.

Please note: You do NOT have to cancel your current retail contracts in order to participate. If your dealership has a retail contract with a vendor in the program, the lead will only be sent once, directly from the vendor.

For more information and enrollment:
1. Start by logging on to iN:
2. Click on the “SALES” tab at the top left
3. Expand the drop down arrow on the left for “iN Lead Manager Admin”
4. Click on “Lead Management Program”