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Social media & reputation management PROGRAM DESCRIPTION & BENEFITS

Social media and online review sites are now critical elements for dealer marketing. The Social Media and Reputation Management Program is designed to help dealers optimize their social media and online reputation strategies to foster and maintain long-term customer relationships, all of which helps drive new business and retain existing business.


Dealers will be able to select their preferred supplier, packages and add-ons to develop a social media and/or reputation management strategy that compliments their goals and efforts.

cross-tier coordination

Suppliers will align with Corporate and Zone social media and online reputation strategies to ensure efficiencies are executed at a dealership level. Suppliers will seamlessly integrate Acura-provided social media content to ensure all profiles are communicating on-brand messaging and providing the consumer with a cohesive brand experience.


Suppliers will be continuously managed and monitored for optimal performance within the program. Any underperforming supplier will be held accountable for their performance. Additionally, performance results will be communicated with participating Dealers.


Social Media and Online Reputation KPIs will be available in a web-based reporting suite with benchmarks against dealer averages at the National, Zone, and District levels. These reports will be available in Insight, which is accessible via iN.

The enrollment process is easy:
1. Learn about the certified suppliers below
2. Click the “Enroll Now” button
3. Fill out the form with your desired supplier and package
4. Click the “Enroll” button to submit
5. Receive a confirmation email & contact from the supplier